Live at El Casino Ballroom

This band-produced bootleg came from a show we opened for the Tucson-born, Texas-based Sisters Morales at Tucson's historic El Casino Ballroom in October of 2003. We invited several guests who were no longer a regular part of the band, including Amo, Shanti and Bruce as well as relative Wayback newcomers Mitzi Cowell on guitar and Gary Mackender and Will Clipman on drums. The good news is this was a mostly stellar performance. The bad news is because it was recorded straight off the soundboard, and because El Casino is such a tricky room to mix live sound in, there are various blips and blurts in the mix - mostly the absence of Tom's rich rhythm guitar on a couple of tunes. In spite of that however, there is clearly a vibe in the room and on the stage! The extended version of Tula is epic, I Know You Rider will make any Deadhead salivate and Mitzi & Bev combine to really tear it up on the blues scorcher Little by Little.


Track 01 - MC Mary Buckley
Track 02 - Rock-it With I
Track 03 - Tula - sample
Track 04 - Honky Tonk Moon
Track 05 - Yellow Moon
Track 06 - Saturday Night at the Twist and Shout
Track 07 - She Never Spoke Spanish to Me
Track 08 - I Know You Rider - sample
Track 09 - Little By Little
Track 10 - Late in the Evening