Wayback When

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Sometime in 2002 we convinced Amochip Dabney, one of Tucson's finest multi-instrumentalists (and a multiple Grammy nominee), to join our humble troupe, and with that everything began to change. His dynamic presence on saxophones is well documented on this disc, recorded at the Boondocks Lounge, which had become our new favorite place to play. Still very much an improvisational jam band, the material and arrangements here are clearly more adventurous than anything attempted on Who Knew? (check out Woodstock, Low Spark, and Corazon), with vocal harmonies also taking more of a center stage (see Diamonds, Ripple, and Wild Night). Wayback When also sees Bev stepping forward on lead vocals for Little by Little and River of Tears, covers made great by Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt respectively. A mostly high energy dance album that captures the best of the Amochip Dabney era, WW also includes special guests Shanti Foster (vocals & violin), Stefan George (slide guitar), Gary Mackender (drums) and Jesus Garcia (charango).


Track 01 - Ripple - sample
Track 02 - Down South
Track 03 - Corazon Espinado - sample
Track 04 - Little by Little - sample
Track 05 - Rock-it with I
Track 06 - Yellow Moon - sample
Track 07 - Diamonds on the Soles - sample
Track 08 - Woodstock - sample
Track 09 - River of Tears
Track 10 - Wild Night
Track 11 - Low Spark...