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Spring Tour 2014
The Hut, Tucson, AZ
Sunday, August 17 / 4pm-5pm
The Hut / 305 N. 4th Ave.
Benefit for Randy Clamons of Top Dead Center.
Sad fish
Thursday, August 21 / 7pm-9:30pm
The Boondocks
3306 N. 1st Avenue
Special Guests: Les Merrihew and Gene Holmes.
Monterey Court
Friday, September 5 / 7-10pm
505 W. Miracle Mile
Special guests: Les Merrihew, Gene Holmes and Shanti Foster.
Join us at this very cool new music venue - a rehab-ed Miracle Mile historic motel!
Old Town Artisans
Saturday, September 13 / 7pm
Special Guests: Wayback Quartet with Tom, Jim, Bev, Shanti