Shadow Tour
Summer 2006

We're not exactly trumpeting this news all over town, but the Wayback Machine has embarked on a string of uncharacteristic gigs to raise money for our upcoming recording this fall. The Summer 2006 Shadow Tour marks our foray into exotic locales hitherto unknown to Waybackdom: the Desert Diamond Casino on the road to Green Valley, and The Keys, a pulsating disco nightclub on the near-northwest side.

Jim indulges his lounge act fantasies at last

If you're feeling adventurous (or merely incredulous), you might want to come check out these ethnographic venues with us. Who knows where it all might lead?

Will we succeed in transforming the casino into a non-profit, and The Keys into an acoustic music co-op? Or are we just warming up for a three-week stint at Caesar's Palace? Come find out, if you dare...

Desert Diamond Casino Sports Bar
June 2, 9
August 11, 18, 25
October 6

The Keys
Oracle & Wetmore
June 23